Current Scholarship Opportunities


The Horatio Alger Association offers three scholarships for students who are residents of California.

Some of the requirements for this scholarship opportunity include household earnings of $50,000 or less; a GPA of 2.0; A commitment to pursue and further your education. If you would like more information or the application to apply go to Scholarship deadline is 10/25

* California (Northern) Scholarship Program California (Southern) Scholarship Program

* Cortopassi Family Foundation Vocational Scholarship Program

* University of San Francisco Scholarship Program - See more at:


PG & E Scholarships – There are many scholarships available if you are a customer of PG&E. Visit deadline to apply is February 9


Intertribal Timber Council – This scholarship opportunity is for students that are Native American/Alaskan Natural Resource students. More information and application can be found at Deadline to apply is January 18.


William S. Davila – This scholarship is for students working in the grocery food industry or sons and daughters of parents working in the food industry (fast food industry does not apply). Application and more information can be found at Application must be postmarked by January 20.

LUSD has established a uniform complaint procedure (1312.3) for all relevant programs per 5 CCR § 4622 et seq . The district has a policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of gender per Education Amendments of 1972, Title IX: Nondiscrimination.