• Garson Olivieri
    Name: Garson Olivieri
    Grade / Subject: 9-12 Instrumental Music
    Website: Conqmusic.com
    Hours for help: At lunch or by appointment.
    If you need to pick up an instrument or personal belongings from the band room, please use the email above or call 805-310-4167 to schedule an appointment.


    Assignments for COVID-19 shutdown


    The letters on the front of the packets state that this will be a large portion of your grade. Disregard that. With the extended shutdown I cannot in good conscience base your grade in the class on the completion of this packet.

    You should still do them. Not because you'll be graded on them, but because knowing the information contained therein will make you a better musician or dancer. So please, approach these packets as enrichment and with the expectation that you will do them, but don't panic about your grade.


    Click the appropriate link(s) below to retrieve your assignment.

    All assignments will be graded upon return. In the unlikely case of an extended shutdown or not returning to school, this page will be updated with submission instructions.

    All music students except color guard

    Music theory and literacy packet

    To find the Ear Training Recordings, follow this path or click the link:

    Kjos.com > Digital Products > Kjos Music Library > Theory > Excellence in Theory, Book 1

    Color guard students only

    Color Guard Choreography Assignment

    Videos for color guard assignment: Google Drive

    Link to the song on youtube: Ooh Child - MILCK