• mcgraw
    Name: Mark McGraw
    Grade / Subject: 4th Grade                                   
    Email: mcgraw.mark@lusd.org

    Mr.McGraw teaches 4th and 5th grade and is in room 17. He was born and raised in the Lompoc Valley. He went to Allan Hancock College for two years and he went to Fresno State University and Chapman College for his teaching degree. His grandmother and wife were born and raised in Lompoc Valley. He has one brother, and his parents own a company that my Grandpa worked for when he was young.  Mr, McGraw wanted to become a teacher because he worked with students in college and he started to like it and became a teacher. He also served twenty-four years in the  Army National Guard and did church work for five years. His other passions besides teaching are fishing and hunting. For many years he was one of the only male teachers at Miguelito. Also, while in the Army  National Guard he was stationed in Cuba where the 9/11 terrorists were held. He thinks students should do their homework, obey their parents, and make their teachers happy. One of the rules he has is his students can’t say pink, they have to say salmon. For punishment he makes his class do pushups if they are bad or they pull a card.

    by Analise Vargas