•  Alisyn Said-Blanton

    Mrs. B on Mother's Day  
    Grade: Fourth grade
    Email: blanton.alisyn@lusd.org
    Personal Bio/Background:
    I am thrilled to be part of the wonderful staff at Miguelito Elementary. I have 14 years of teaching experience in grades ranging from kindergarten through 5th grade and bring to my classroom an MA in Education and Professional CLAD credential from UC Santa Cruz. I am currently part of our wonderful 4th-grade team, have been one of our "teachers in charge" when our leader is off site for roughly 5 years, and I have led an after school Lego Builder's Club for almost as long. I am an advocate for both STEM education and GATE education and have extensive professional development courses in both areas.   

    Spotlight on Mrs. Blanton

    Mrs. Blanton is a 4th-grade teacher. Something that many people don’t know is that Mrs. Blanton has had the opportunity to teach the same group of students up to three times as she has taught different grade levels so she has had “three-peats” and “double-doers”. Mrs. Blanton can usually be seen on campus smiling with her red hair and friendly personality. She and her sister, Mrs.Villegas who also teaches here at Miguelito, grew up in Orcutt, California. Mrs. Blanton went to two different colleges. She earned her Bachelors degree from UC Santa Barbara.  She then went on to earn her Masters degree and teaching credential at UC Santa Cruz. She says “ I was a Banana Slug.” (That is the UC Santa Cruz mascot). Her favorite subject in school is Math.  

    Mrs. Blanton and her husband have an 8-year-old daughter Stella and a 10-year-old son Garrett. They have a blended family (step family) so both Stella and Garrett spend time with their other parents too.

    Mrs. Blanton always wanted to be a teacher because it runs in her family. When she was younger though, she thought she wanted to be a Rock Star or swim with the dolphins, but all along she knew deep down that she wanted to be a teacher because “working with kids just always felt natural”.

    Some of her favorite things to do are Art, Legos, and STEM design/engineering challenges. Something funny about Mrs. Blanton is that she likes to sing in the car. One thing that really sets Mrs. Blanton apart from others is her view on teaching. “I believe in teaching the whole child. I believe in teaching children everything, not just reading, writing and math. Kids should learn everything from music to art to science. You have to teach the whole child for them to be happy.” She feels students should feel safe when they come to school and that they should come ready to learn and ask questions.

    A few of Mrs.Blanton’s favorite quotes are:

    “You should be working hard, not hardly working”

    “Be kind to yourself, be kind to others, be kind to little creatures”

    By Brinley Thomas