• Lompoc Unified School District Promotion/Retention Policy

    On January 1, 1999 assembly bill AB1626 became law. This law governs the promotion and retention of students in California’s public schools. On April 13, 1999, the Board of Education approved Policy 7123 and regulations in support of AB1626. The Intervention Documents Folder K-12 will follow students until they reach proficiency in Language Arts and Math; their beginning grade level will vary. The folder contains mandatory guidelines for Intervention, PWP and RWP. It will house all documentation for interventions for Basic and Below students, including the Intervention Focus Standards used for Far Below Basic and Summer School students. The Promotion/Retention Flow Chart paces the PWP, RWP and the intervention process. It has been revised to unify, simplify, and clarify procedures so that all schools have clear and concise direction. The flowchart is in color to highlight the necessary timelines for PWPs and RWPs. We hope that you find the Intervention Documents Folder K-12 convenient to use.