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    Name: Camille Schmidt
    Grade / Subject: Math
    Voicemail: (805)742-3821
    Extra Help: I am available Monday and Wednesday at lunch (duties permitting)  and by appointment. 
     Mathematics Vision Website  http://www.mathematicsvisionproject.org/curriculum.html
    Math 2 Homework support    http://rsgsupport.org/catalog
    If you are having trouble, come see me for help.
    Get in a study group!
    You can check graphing calculators out in the library.
    There is free math tutoring in the library after school on Tuesday and Thursday from 2:45 - 3: 45.
    Welcome to PreCalculus, Honors PreCalculus, and Math 2! The 2019-2020 school year is my 18th year at Cabrillo High School.