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    Space, Technology, and Robotic Systems Academy

    The STARS program is a way for students to put their creative skills to work in the exciting world of engineering. The focus of the program is pre-engineering, applied specifically to the aerospace industry. Students take the same English, Math and Science classes, plus a technology elective:
    In 10th grade, students learn the process for making a new product and are introduced to computer-aided machining in Engineering 1: Design.

    In 11th grade, students take Engineering 2: Electronics and Robotics. They learn about electric circuits, electronic components, computer programming and design and build their own robots.

    Finally, in the 12th grade, students learn more about manufacturing and solve real-world problems while taking ROP Advanced Drafting/Manufacturing.
    Students also work on outside projects that involve more than one class. The "Reach for the STaRS Project," for example, has students making interactive displays that show a math and science concept. They propose and blog on their projects in English class, work on creating the physical display in the elective, and review the math and science in their content classes. The projects go on display at the LHS Open House, and those who are successful with the project get to go to the San Francisco Bay Area Maker Faire in May.