In Honors English, students receive  English instruction through thought-provoking lessons. Each lesson is delivered with the necessary rigor to provoke and promote higher level critical thinking skills.  In addition to the standard text, supplemental materials are used to engage and challenge the students.  Honors students are not given an overload of work. Simply put, they are asked to manipulate and extract information from the sources given, so they may arrive at answers which have depth and complexity.  Honors English is for students who have confirmed through high achievement, interest, and potential, the readiness for a class which fosters higher level thinking.
    In Honors,  a constructivist approach is used.  "Constructivism is basically a theory about how people learn.  It says that people construct their own understanding and knowledge of the world through experiencing things and reflecting on those experiences.  When we encounter something new, we have to reconcile it with our previous ideas and experiences, maybe changing what we believe.  To do this, we must ask questions explore, and assess what we know."  (For more click here) Discovery learning, hands-on, experimental, collaborate, project-based, task-based are some of the strategies used in the Honors classroom. 
Last Modified on April 24, 2018