• Business Services Division


    Rules for Hanging Banners on Lompoc Unified School District Fences


    (includes hanging banners on the fence at the corner of North H Street and Chestnut Avenue)


    1. A facility use application must be completed online at www.facilitron.com/lusd93436 to hang a banner on the fence of any district site. Please 

    2. Applications and fees are submitted to the business office for approval.

    3. Applications to hang banners must specify dates that banner will be hung.  Banners may not be displayed for more than four weeks.

    4. Non-profit groups pay the application processing fee but are not charged for fence use.

    5. For profit groups are charged the application processing fee as well as the facility use fee.

    6. Banners must be taken down the day following the posted event.

    7. Banners must be hung inside the fence and from the top rail with cable ties.

    8. Banners hung at the Adult Education site must be 50 feet from the mural that is on the fence.

    9. Banners advertising gambling, alcohol or other prohibited substances may not be hung on district fences.


    For more information, contact Business Services at 805-742-3200.