• Course Description and Syllabus


    This course will cover the entire scope of United States history from the early inhabitants of North America to the post-Cold War era of Presidents Clinton and George W. Bush. We will be focusing on general themes while studying important historical events, people, and policies that shaped the United States into the country it is today.  Students will consider the major social problems of our time and trace their causes in historical events. They will learn the United States has served as a model for other nations and the rights and freedoms we enjoy are not accidents, but the results of a defined set of political principles that are not always basic to citizens of other countries. Students will understand that our rights under the U.S. Constitution are a precious inheritance that depends on an educated citizenry for their preservation and protection.

    This class is offered and designed for the motivated student. The student who wants to be challenged and prepared for the rigors of college study will be prepared for 1.) the Advanced Placement Exam in U.S. History; 2.) a college-level curriculum; 3.) the verbal section of the SAT and the U.S. History section of the STAR/CST tests; and 4.) research and writing skills necessary for a college freshman.

    Successful students will have to manage their time and resources wisely in order to avoid being swamped. The efforts of these students will be rewarded in one or more of the following areas: 1. possible college credit; 2. increased scholarship opportunities; 3. better chances of acceptance to the university of their choice; and 4. a much more thorough understanding of the subject and the skills necessary to succeed in their post secondary education.

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