• Course Description and Syllabus


    Psychology 1 - 1st Semester

    Psychology 1 is a survey course that will introduce students to the nature of human behavior and personalities as a reaction to the influences of our environment, our bodies and our minds.  Psychology is the prerequisite class to Sociology. Students should take this class their junior year and Sociology their senior year. We study Psychological terms, theories and individuals important to the basic understanding of the field of Psychology. This first semester covers topics such as critical thinking, link between human biology and behavior, our senses and our perceptions, states of consciousness, differing ways we learn, and memory.

    Psychology 2 - 2nd Semester

    Psychology 2 continues where Psychology 1 left off. We study intelligence, thought, and language, motivation and emotion, human development, gender roles, moral reasoning, personality theories, and ending with psychological disorders.

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