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    Marching Braves and Dance Line

    Disneyland 2019
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    Where has time gone? This summer is going by way to fast. We have accomplished a great deal.  I am especially proud of the performance the Marching Braves and Dance Line gave at our local Flower Festival Parade where we received one of the highest musical and marching scores we have ever earned on either street or field.  We received first place in High School Marching Bands, and Musical Sweepstakes for the best combined musical unit in the parade!  
    All in all I must say it has been a very successful summer season f the 2019 -2020 season for us.  I hope you were able to attend  and cheer us on!!  The students ALL did an excellent job, they are most definitely becoming a great parade band, one of the best I have had the pleasure to work with in a very long time...hmmm...I am having great fun thinking about many possibilities...excellent...it creates some new opportunities in my mind and makes me very hopeful  for the upcoming school year as we begin our 2019 Summer Boot Camp. 
    To that end, I am so very proud to announce that; The Lompoc Senior High School Marching Braves and Dance Line have been once again selected to audition and hopefully participate with Disney Performing Arts at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim California. Selection is also based on our total  number of performers which must meet Disneylands minimum to audtion.  I have already submitted all the necessary audition materials, as well as the paperwork to complete our necessary final application if we are able to meet those baseline requirements. 
    If we are unable to meet the performer requirements Disney has offered to us a new program through Disney Education series titled Music 101 and Dance 101.  In this program we will get a special backstage and park guided tour with Disney educators where we will learn how both music and dance are used in the park and attractions providing the entertainment to park guests as well as learning about what it takes to be a working musician and dancer.  It is an amazing program and opportunity provided to us.
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     We should receive final confirmation during our Band Boot Camp Rehearsals...however the booking agent was very positive and instructed me to move forward and begin preparations for our visit in 'December!!  Which means LOADS of fundraising and preparation for all the items we might need...such as props, instrument repairs, as well as any other unplanned-for needs.  The cost of the trip will be based on which option we are selected to participate in as well as the date of our park visit.  Further information will be provided to you all as well as payment/fundraising opportunites when the trip is booked in the next few weeks.  Check this page and /or our Facebook group often for the most current information.
     It has been nine years since we earned this honor, it is a job well done!   This is a great honor which we have been afforded.  Many High School Bands and other performing groups are not accepted as featured performers.  I have been told that for every one band chosen, four to six are turned away!   This makes it all the more important that we put our best foot forward...both  figuratively and physically!!
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    It is my hope that you are as proud of your students and yourseles as I am...for if it were not for them I would not be announcing this wonderful achievement.  Thank you to you all!!   It is also my hope that you can see what an honor this is for our students, and I could not or would not be prouder of them if they were my own children. 
    When we have the final word, you will be given, asked to sign, and return: the informational, contract, and ticket order form.  Both the student and a parent are required to sign these forms.  It is important when the time comes that I have all these forms returned to be sure that all the information has been sent home and I would ask that you speak with your student to ensure that you both have a clear understanding of what this great opportunity and event will entail.  
    In addition to the cost of this event,  all debts for shoes, socks, gloves, hoodies, t-shirts, sweats, and jackets must be cleared prior to the trip.  DO NOT let the cost of the day deter you or your student from attending this wonderful event.  It is an experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime.  
     As an former Disney employee I can assure you that this is an amazing day and opportunity.  Start planning and preparing for the cost of the trip immediately today...I am able to work with fundraising and we will make payment plans; but only if I am made aware of the situation as soon as possible.  Please do not wait until the last minute to make your payments...if that happens we will suffer the situation of coming up short of funds and having to cancel the trip...which woud be heart breaking for me more than any of you could ever know.
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