AVID is more than just a class; it is a community of learners that extends beyond the walls of the classroom to support students as they work towards achieving their goals and dreams.  AVID is an acronym that stands for the following:  
    Advancement ViIndividual Determination.  It is a class for students that show academic potential and a desire and determination to do well and go above and beyond!  This class shows students the academic skills and tools they need to be prepared to succeed in school now, into high school, and beyond!  The material covered in AVID prepares all students for college readiness and work beyond high school and success in a global society. 


    AVID at LVMS


    We are currently in our third year of implementation and proud to be fully certified.  In our AVID 7 and AVID 8 classes, we have a total of 63 students that are enjoying the benefits of our AVID program.  We will take two field trips to local universities each year in order to show students the schools available to them post-secondary.


    Our students most often attend Lompoc High School after 8th grade and we are thrilled that LHS has a growing AVID program!  Students will be able to continue their journey with AVID and as seniors will be guided through the college application process.   


    AVID is an academic elective class and as such, is rigorous and demanding.  Students that are selected to enter our program are expected to make a fully-informed commitment to the program and their future.  We work hard and we play hard!



    AVID is not a study hall, nor an “at-risk” or remedial program. It is a program designed to support students who would otherwise not attend a four-year university. It is for students who plan to attend and to graduate from a four-year school. AVID is not for students who don’t do any of their homework. AVID is not for the consistently “D” or “F” student. Finally, AVID is not a program for unmotivated students. AVID students must have Individual Determination.


    The AVID curriculum supports students in the use of
    WICOR strategies in all classes

                   Writing:  note taking, reflections, summaries, process writing, essays, etc.

                   Inquiry:  skilled questioning techniques, Costa’s Levels of questioning, tutorials,
    Socratic Seminars, etc.

                   Collaboration:  Philosophical Chairs, group activities/projects, tutorials, etc.

                   Organization:  binders, use of Action Agendas, time management, etc.

                   Reading:  marking the text, reading strategies, note-taking, etc.


    AVID is an elective course at Lompoc Valley Middle School and is open to 7th and 8th graders.  Students must apply to be in the program.  Applications are available for the next school year starting in January.


    If you have any questions about the AVID program at Lompoc Valley Middle School, please contact Tania Litwiler (LVMS AVID coordinator) at 805-742-3899. 

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Last Modified on September 18, 2018