Current Assignments

    Pattern and Rhythym

    Draw nine different patterns on a sheet of paper. It helps to fold the paper into thirds

    Of the nine drawings of patterns, lable the 5 differrent types of rhythym, Random, Regular, Alternating, Progressive, Flowing

    Pattern and Rhythm PPT



    Do two drawings showing two of the three types of balance, Symmetrical and Asymmetrical.

    Use a 9x12 piece of printer paper for each drawing

    Fill the page

    Label each page

    Balance ppt


    Political/Social Statement

    Using a 9x12 piece of paper, create a piece that descirbes a political or social point of view

    Ephasis in design must be placed on the use of pattern, rythym and balance

    Students can use photographs, words, collage, pencil, pen, colored pencil, watercolor, or crayons

    On a seperate sheet of paper, write what the political/social statement is and why it is important to you. 

    Describe where and how you used the principals of pattern, rhythym and balance in your piece. 

    Social/Politica Art Pppt


    Emotional Event Drawing and Statement



    Emotion Event and Statement.

    Assignment: Due Friday Dec 11.

    Create a piece of art that describes an emotional event in your life. Focus on using all of the principles and elements of design.

    Write a one page statement of what the event is and how you used contrast and emphasis in your design.

    Contrast, Emphasis and Point of View PPT