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    AVID targets students in the academic middle who have the potential to succeed in advanced courses, particularly:
    • First Generation College Students
    • Economically Disadvantaged students
    • Students from groups underrepresented in higher education
    • Students with special circumstances
    The selections process is as follows:
    • Students are recommended to the program by a teacher, counselor, parent, or themselves
    • Interested students complete the application process and are interviewed
    • The AVID site team (composed of an administrator, counselor, AVID site coordinator, and teachers) selects students to enroll on their campus
    AVID Student Expectations: 
    1.   Students must enroll in the AVID elective course which is taught during the school day.
    2.   A contract is signed by the middle or high school student, AVID Counselor, AVID site coordinator, and AVID Administrator.
    3.   Students in AVID must commit to taking college-prep courses, including honors and Advanced Placement. 
    4.   Students must purse involvement in extracurricular activities and community service.
    5.   Students must maintain an AVID binder.
    6.   Students must commit to completing daily homework and other class assignments.
    7.   Students must maintain appropriate citizenship and grades.