• With the passage of Local Control Funding Formula legislation GATE as a categorical funding stream was eliminated. The Lompoc Unified School District still distributes funds to school sites based on the number of identified GATE students.  Each school site determines how funding is used to enrich classroom experiences. 

    In the elementary setting classrooms are heterogeneously mixed with GATE identified students and non-GATE identified students. Teachers differentiate instruction and add enrichment as needed. LUSD does not have pull out GATE classes. GATE nominations are made in the second semester of the student’s 3rd grade year. Eligibility is determined in the summer prior to 4th grade after SBAC scores are calculated.

    Beginning in middle school and high school students are recommended for honors and advanced placement (AP) classes based on state assessment scores, grades, and teacher recommendations. Gate identification does not guarantee honors/AP placement in the secondary setting. Further questions regarding site practices should be referred to the site principal.