Bonita Fort – Registrar

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    Enrolling at Lompoc High School

    What it takes to become a Lompoc High School Brave:


    1. Stop by the Counseling department with a current utility bill or lease agreement to verify your address.

    2. Pick-up, complete and return your enrollment papers to the counseling office

    3. We also need the following documents:


    *A record of birth.

    *Immunization records

    *Transcript/report card and possibly withdrawal grades from your previous school

    *Court papers for guardianship if you are not the birth parent/parents

    * Copy of IEP or 504 if your student is on one

    4. Schedule an appointment with the Counseling Secretary (805)742-3020

    5. Attend your scheduled meeting with a counselor to select courses



    Withdrawing from Lompoc High School


    1. Stop by the Registrar’s office to receive a withdrawal checklist 2 – 3 days before last day in attendance.

    2. Receive withdrawal grades and signatures from all of your teachers.

    3. Return all equipment and supplies and have them sign off in Activities/Athletics, Cafeteria, Library and Textbooks.

    4. Pay debts for all items not returned, damaged or not paid for.

    5. Return your completed withdrawal form to the Registrar on your last day and get a copy and your transcripts to take to your new school.

    6. Have your new school request records by fax (805)742-2980, so that you can be withdrawn from Lompoc High. They can contact us at (805)742-3020.