Computer Problems and Questions: 
    If you have a computer problem then please do not contact individuals - you must file a help desk request. If there are questions on how to do this then please return to the Main ITS Page or read the introduction on the Helpdesk.
    We are here to help, but we must process requests in the order that they are received. We must keep track of what service calls were completed - this is both to ensure that others are treated fairly, and that jobs are completed in order. 
    With that in mind, if you have questions about a previous completed issue, we have put together this short directory of IT Staff so that you may direct questions to the correct individuals.  Sometimes you have a help desk call pending and you need a question answered. This page provides that contact information so we can better serve you.
    Contact Information: 
    For Computer Related Problems, please click the link below and follow the directions! 
    ITS Department Main Number and Email:
    ITS Department Help Desk
    P: (805)-742-3232