• Crestview Elementary Junior Battle of the Books


    Title                                                                  Author                          RL/Pts


    Mr. Popper’s Penguins                 Richard Atwater              RL 5.6/Pts 3.0


    Freckle Juice                            Judy Blume                      RL 3.1/Pts 0.5


    A Lion to Guard Us                    Clyde Robert Bulla           RL 2.9/Pts 2.0


    Tornado                                    Betsy Byars                     RL 3.2/Pts 1.0


    Muggie Maggie                          Beverly Cleary                 RL 4.5/Pts 1.0


    Sadako and the Thousand

    Paper Cranes                             Elizabeth Coerr               RL 4.1/Pts 1.0


    Molly’s Pilgrim                           Barbara Cohen                 RL 3.0/Pts 0.5


    James and the Giant Peach          Raold Dahl                       RL 4.8/Pts 4.0


    My Father’s Dragon                   Ruth Stiles Gannett          RL 5.6/Pts 1.0


    Pippi Longstocking                     Astrid Lindgren               RL 5.2/Pts 4.0


    Cricket in Times Square             George Selden                 RL 4.9/Pts 4.0


    Invention of Hugo Cabret           Brian Selznick                 RL 5.1/Pts 4.0


    The Boxcar Children                  Gertrude Chandler RL 3.9/Pts 2.0



    Charlotte’s Web                        E. B. White                      RL 4.4/Pts 5.0


    Little House in the

    Big Woods                                 Laura Ingalls Wilder        RL 5.3/Pts 5.0