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Ms. Grover

  • Bachelor’s Degree: CSU Fullerton

    Location: Fullerton, California

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    Advantages: Could live at home

    Disadvantages: Commuter school

    Activities: Dance Team

    Major: Physical Education

    Degree: Bachelor of Science

      in Physical Education

    CU Crest

    Credential:         Chapman University

    CSF campus      CSF Campus2

    Focus School: California State University, Fullerton

    Average GPA of Incoming Freshmen: 3.48

    Total Undergraduate students:  33,116

    Student to Teacher ratio:  1 teacher for every 25 students

    Percentage of students accepted: 48%

    Percentage of students who applied for & received financial aid: 99%

    Application deadline: November 30th

    Athletic Conferences: NCAA Division I

    Calendar System:  Semester