MSU Mascott

Mrs. Vernon

  • Bachelor’s Degree: Montana State University

    Location: Bozeman, Montana
    UM Crest  

    Advantages: Lots of outdoor recreation like skiing, hiking

    Surrounded by 5 beautiful mountain ranges

    Every student does service and outreach

    Disadvantages:  Very cold weather; very competitive school

    Out of state tuition is double!

    MU mascott

    Activities:   Indoor/Outdoor Track (on scholarship)

    Degree: Bachelor of Science, Biology Teaching

    Chapman Crest  

    CLAD Credential: Chapman

    UM Campus  

     Focus School: Montana State University– Bozeman

     Average GPA of Incoming Freshmen: 3.33
    Total Undergraduate students:  13,371
    Student to Teacher ratio:  1 teacher for every 19 students
    Percentage of students accepted: 84%
    Percentage of students receiving Financial Aid:  98% of applicants
    Athletic Conferences: NCAA Division I
    Application deadline: Rolling
    Calendar System:  Semester