Lompoc Valley Middle School
    Physical Education


    Purpose: Our focus is on the development of healthy lifestyles, movement and motor skills, and personal and social skills.

         Expectations: Students are expected to:

         Be on their assigned number before the tardy bell rings.

         Dress every day in PE shirt and PE shorts (SHIRT TUCKED INTO SHORTS).

         Participate to the best of their ability and give 100% effort.

         Listen carefully and follow all directions the first time they are given.

         Display good sportsmanship (No putdowns).

         Do not interrupt or interfere with other PE classes at any time (DO NOT TOUCH EQUIPMENT WITHOUT TEACHER INSTRUCTION).

    Disciplinary Consequences: Students may be subject to any of the following disciplinary actions in order to be held accountable for poor behavior.

         Verbal warning

         Parent Contact/Teleparent contact/detention

         Referral to office/counselor contact

    Severity Clause: Extreme unsafe/abusive/defiant behavior will result in a referral without any warnings!

    PE Uniforms: All students are required to dress in the PE shirt and PE shorts every day for class. Shirts ($6.00) and shorts ($8.00) are sold on campus. In the event of financial hardship, see your PE instructor or counselor regarding alternative PE clothing.

           Label LVMS PE shirt (first and last name required) and shorts (first name and last initial) on the space provided. NO OTHER MARKINGS OR ALTERATIONS ARE ALLOWED.

           Socks and athletic shoes with laces (no sandals, boots, or slip-on shoes).

           Sweatshirts (no hoods) and sweat pants are not required but are recommended for cold or rainy days (acceptable colors: dark blue, black, or gray).

           Students are required to wear loaner clothes if they forget their uniform.

           No hats, sunglasses, jewelry, street clothes, visible boxer shorts, or jackets are permitted when participating in physical activity.

    Locker Room Rules (posted in the locker room): The locker rooms are for dressing only. Our motto is: “GET IN, GET DRESSED, AND GET OUT” as soon as possible. Our goal is three minutes or less.

         Please do not bring valuables to PE class (cell phones, iPods, large amounts of cash, etc.). You are responsible for your own items.

         Always check to make sure your locker is locked before you leave the locker room.

         No food, drinks, candy, or gum.

         For lost items: Check the lost and found located in the shower area or ask your PE teachers.

         Follow the school rules: Be Safe, Be Respectful, Be Responsible

    Tardy Policy:  You must be on your assigned number quietly facing forward.

         LVMS school wide tardy policy will be followed.

    Medical Excuses:

         Students may be excused from PE for medical reasons for up to two consecutive days with a parent’s note. A doctor’s note is required for extended illness/ injury beyond two days. Any notes should be taken to the nurse before school.

         A medical note does not excuse a student from attending class, dressing out, or participating in activities that he/she can safely complete.

         A student who receives a non-participating medical note will be giving a writing assignment that must be completed by the end of the period.

    Absences: Students are required to make-up all excused absences. It is the STUDENT’S responsibility to complete and return an ACTIVITY LOG for each excused absence.

    Course Description: This course requires you to participate in the following areas:

         Daily Routine: Dress and sit down on the roll call number.

         Warm-Ups: physical fitness components (strength, endurance, flexibility, and cardiovascular endurance).

         Teacher instruction, the activity of the day, returning equipment, and reporting scores.

         Return to the locker room, dress, and stand on roll call number until the passing bell rings.

         Physical Fitness Training and Testing.

         Activity Units: Units include various field and court games, non-traditional games, fitness circuits and individual lifetime activities (dance, disc golf, pickleball, volleyball).

    Grading Policy: Students earn points each day they are present, actively participate, and demonstrate positive behavior. Points will be lost for the following reasons:



         Rude, defiant, disrespectful behavior (including profanity and spitting on the blacktop)

         Lack of effort (during warm-ups, activity, and moving from one location to another)

         Not following directions/rules (examples: gum, shirt not tucked in)

    Grading Scale: Students earn points for all assignments (participation and skills/written assessments).

         A= 100-90%, B= 89-80%, C=79-70%, D= 69-60%, F= 59-0%

    Teacher Contact: School Phone Number: 805-742-2600

    Ms. Grover (X-3551)  Mr. Turner (X-3881)               Mrs. Ferguson (X- 3805 )

    Parents and students are to read and discuss this information together. Please sign and return it to your teacher as a written assignment. THANK YOU!

    I have read and discussed these class policies with my student/parent. I will keep this information in my PE section of my binder for further reference.

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