•                                                                                         Due 1/18/17

                California Junior Scholarship Federation

                        CJSF Membership Application


    Name:   ____________________________________Date________________


    Phone:  _________________________    Circle one:   Cell     or      Home


    Circle current grade level:  7   8          Grades from last semester:     Fall     Spring


    A. To qualify for CJSF membership this semester, follow these guidelines:


    1. You must earn TWICE the number of points than courses in which you are enrolled that meet membership requirements.

    2. No points are earned for P.E., dance, or a remedial course.

    One additional point shall be granted for a grade of

    "A" or "B" in an HONORS class


    **A maximum of two such points   per semester are allowed


    3. CJSF points are granted as follows:

    A=3 points


    C=0 point

    D/F=NOT ALLOWED….MEMBER will be debarred

                                          if received in ANY class


    B. Also remember:


    1.Semester membership is based on work done in the previous semester.

              2.You must reapply each semester for membership.


    C. List classes and grade earned on last semesters report card


                       Class taken                                         Grade          Points Earned


    1. ____________________________                  ______           ______

    2. ____________________________                 ______           ______

    3.____________________________                  ______           ______

    4.____________________________                  ______           ______

    5. ____________________________                 ______           ______

    6.____________________________                  ______           ______

    7. ____________________________                 ______           ______


    Be sure to include all classes you are taking not just the classes which will earn points

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