College Planning

College Planning

  • Click on any one of the following links to help assist you in your college planning.

    Campus Tours - This is a webiste that takes you on virtual tours of any campus that you may be interested in.

    College Board- Here you can find all kinds of tools to help you navigate through which college best fits your student.

    College Prowler - This site helps you find ther college that's right for you, by exploring college reviews, rankings and statistics.

    College planning tools -This website guides through anything from how to plan for college to career choices and even how to pay for college.

    Online College Locator- This website is all about helping you browse to find which online colleges in California that are best for you.

    College Navigator- This site provides you with statistical information on colleges that you might be interested in.

    CSU Mentor- A website to explore, plan and apply CSU Colleges.

    College Planning Guide - This site provides students with a guide in preparing for college, from K-12.

    UC Pathways- This site has tons of information on UC's.

    College Connection- This site helps you find which college would be best for you and provides information with how to get in.

    California Community Colleges- This site provides information about community colleges within California.