• Plan for your Future







    • Ensure your class schedule is on track with completing A-G Requirements / Capstone B
      • Classes must be passed with a C or better in order to satisfy the A-G requirement
    • See your school counselor to complete a four-year plan
    • Build strong study habits that will allow you to be academically successful
    • Get involved in extracurricular activities, sports, and volunteer work
    • Build a resume or portfolio to keep track of all you are doing. This will make it easier to later report on college applications (i.e. hours volunteering, honors or awards)
    • Begin thinking about what career you may want to pursue and where you may want to attend college
    • Meet with your school counselor in the Spring to plan which classes you will take in Sophomore year



    • Revisit your four-year plan and modify if needed
    • Ensure you are still on track to complete A-G Requirements, including passing classes with a C or better
    • Continue participation in extracurricular activities, sports, and volunteer work
    • Take a Career Interest Inventory (available on the counseling website and in the career center) and go over the results with your parents, counselor, or career center technician
    • Interview adults in your occupations of interest
    • Visit college campuses and/or college fairs
    • Take the PSAT in October and review areas you could improve upon
    • Plan summer activities for school, work, or community service
    • Meet with your school counselor in the Spring to plan which classes to take during your Junior year. Consider taking some AP classes or Concurrent Enrollment.
    • Keep updating your resume or portfolio



    • Ensure you are still meeting the A-G requirements, and modify your four-year plan if needed
    • Continue your extracurricular activities, sports, and volunteer work. Obtain a leadership position if possible.
    • Visit colleges and attend college fairs
    • Sign up for the PSAT in August in the front office (test will be in October)
      • Taking the test in your Junior year will allow your scores to potentially qualify you for a National Merit Scholarship
    • Review your PSAT scores in December and review areas where you can improve
    • Study for the SAT, take additional practice SAT tests online
    • Take a practice ACT test, and see whether you do better on the SAT or ACT
    • Register for the SAT and/or ACT test
    • Take the SAT and/or ACT in March
    • Take any AP Tests in May
    • Meet with your school counselor in spring to check that you are A-G ready and enroll in your senior year classes. Continue to progressively challenge yourself! Colleges will still look at the difficulty of courses you are taking your senior year.
    • Plan summer activities (e.g. take a course at Allan Hancock, volunteer, work)
    • Discuss ways to finance college with your family and begin planning
    • Decide upon what colleges you will be applying to and make sure you will be applying to a reach, a target, and a safety school (reach = average GPA and test scores above yours, target = average GPA and test scores similar to you, safety = average GPA and test scores lower than yours)
    • Begin working on college essays during the summer
    • Athletes should file with NCAA Clearinghouse. Check with Mrs. Huyck for more information.





    • Continue your extracurricular activities, sports, and volunteer work
    • Continue doing well in your classes
    • Continue updating your resume/portfolio
    • Ensure that this year’s schedule will allow you to complete your A-G Requirements


    • Review the applications and required materials for colleges you wish to apply to
    • Request Letters of Recommendation if needed (give people at least 2 weeks’ notice, and supply them with your resume or portfolio you have been keeping updated, as well as the letter of recommendation request form located on the counseling website)
    • Sign up for the ACT or SAT test if you want to retake it one last time
    • Prepare materials to file the FAFSA or Dream Act in October


    • File the FAFSA or Dream Act
    • Attend Financial Aid Nights
    • Begin applying for private financial aid (check the counseling website for an updated scholarship list, and/or the scholarship board in the counseling office)
    • Be writing and revising college and scholarship essays
    • Begin work on college applications


    • Deadline to submit UC and CSU applications
      • Tip: Submit it during Thanksgiving Break. Both websites crash the night before the deadline. Every. Single. Year.
    • Ensure any letters of recommendation were sent
    • Have your transcripts sent to requesting colleges (See the registrar in the counseling office. Transcripts cost 50 cents each and should be ordered in advance)


    • Last month to take ACT or SAT (check with each school, some schools will not accept any past November)
    • Make any last college visits
    • Send in any independent/private school applications (Check with the schools. The deadlines vary widely)
    • Continue checking and applying for private scholarships


    • Register to take any AP exams
    • If requested by colleges, request 1st semester transcript be sent
    • Keep checking and apply for local, private scholarships (more start opening around now)
    • Santa Barbara General Scholarship Application due January 15th


    • Find and apply for more scholarships
    • If you have not yet completed the FAFSA, it is due March 2nd


    • Colleges begin sending out admissions decisions!
    • Community college applications open
    • Plan summer activities


    • Return Student Intent to Register forms (SIR) to your chosen college before May 1st
    • Notify colleges you are not attending


    • ATHLETES: to play in college, you must be certified by NCAA
    • Take any AP tests
    • Register for any summer programs
    • Return forms for college orientation programs
      • Tip: The earlier the better for registration purposes
    • Plan for High School Graduation


    • Ensure the school sent your final transcript to your chosen college


    Congratulations graduate!