Student Success Week
  • Commit to Student Success Week 2018-2019

    Monday: School and Success

    Announcement:  Habits of success

    Morning Activity: Show the Kid President video:

    Quickwrite: What did the video say about the habits/activities that make a person successful? Why is it important to come to school ready to learn?

    Lunchtime Activity:  College Giant Jenga, College Tri-fold Boards. Giant Poster where students can write their name and their dream career or what success means to them.

    Tuesday: Showing Pride for Community

    Announcement:  Community Service

    Morning Activity: Quickwrite about how a person can change the world through community service.

    Extra Optional Activity:  Pay It Forward video clip and discussion questions:

    Lunchtime Activity: Have students write on a Post-It about how they plan to do to help/change the world. Then have them place it on the “Change the World” poster. Students will get a chance to take a photo by this poster with their parents on Friday.


    Wednesday: Success Wednesday-

    Announcement:   Characteristics of success through responsibility

    Morning Activity: Quickwrite about the characteristics of success.  

    1st period teachers pass out a handout with a list of 10-20 college/career related questions.  They must get a signature of someone (staff, friends, or family) that matches each question and no one can sign more than once.  All completed handouts must be turned to the Main Office by the end of lunch on Friday to be entered into a drawing for a gift card

    Lunchtime Activity: 3-3 Basketball Mr. Brown’s Alabama vs. Mrs. Grossi’s Cal Poly SLO.

    Extra Optional Activity:  If time allows, teachers may have students make a college pennant/poster in their classroom in preparation for Friday’s lunchtime activity.


    Thursday:  Gratitude Thursday

    Announcement:  Appreciation or thankfulness and how it improves our life

    Morning Activity: Thank you note to someone (teacher, family member, coach, etc.) that has helped them be successful.

    Supplemental Video

    Extra Optional Activity: Have an especially helpful student hand any notes for teachers to those teachers.   

    Lunchtime Activity:  Make college pennant/poster station


    Friday:  Future Friday

    Announcement:  Effect of being goal-oriented

    Morning Activity: Quickwrite about future goals.

    Extra Optional Activity:  Have students write a reflection about what they have learned this week.  Could be about college, further education, career, or success in general. Could be set up as four squares on paper; I learned, I need, I can, I will.

    Lunchtime Activity:  College Giant Jenga, College Tri-fold boards.  Students post their College Pennant/Poster around the patio.  Students can sign a poster with their parents and take a picture in front of it.


Commit to Student Success Week 2017

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