• Public Services

    The Criminal Justice in the Public Services Sector is one that is provided by the government to its citizens, either directly or through the financing of another entity to provide that service. Careers in public service are unique because they center on challenging issues that define the public agenda and involve the provision of vital services to the public—from local to international levels. Public service professions offer many career opportunities, including the following career pathways: Public Safety, Emergency Response, and Legal Practices. Students engage in an instructional program that integrates academic and technical preparation and focuses on career awareness, career exploration, skill preparation in the industry, and preparation for postsecondary education and training. Knowledge and skills are learned and applied within a sequential, standards-based pathway program that integrates classroom, laboratory, and project- and work-based instruction. Standards in this sector are designed to prepare students for technical training, postsecondary education, and entry-level employment.
    (Citation: California Department of Education). 


  • LHS Public Services Pathway

    Lompoc High school has one pathway in the Public Services sector: 

    Poster demonstration career and college possibilities should students complete the Public Safety pathway.

    Public Safety

    Course Name

    Grade Level



    Criminal Justice Double Period- Semester 1




    Criminal Justice Double Period- Semester 2




    The Public Safety pathway is unique in that it is LHS's only pathway that is a composed of one year-long, double-period class.
    Completing the full year-long class with a "C" or above qualifies students to be Pathway completers. 


    Pathway courses should be taken in order. Any students who completes all the courses in the pathway, in order, earning a "C" grade or higher in all courses, will be granted a CTE Public Safety Pathway Completer Certificate. Additionally, on his/her official transcript it will have the designation of CTE Pathway completer. This will help colleges and potential employers recognize this achievement. 


    For more information contact:

    Mr. Todaro 
    Room R2