•   ELPAC California Seal Logo  DOMAINS and TASK TYPES


    • Listen to a Classroom Conversation  
    • Listen to a Story  
    • Listen to an Oral Presentation  
    • Listen to Speakers Support Opinions  


    • Talk about a Scene  
    • Answer and Ask Questions  
    • Speech Functions  
    • Speaking—Support an Opinion  
    • Picture Narrative  
    • Summarize an Academic Presentation  
    • Present and Discuss Information  


    • Read-Along Word with Scaffolding  
    • Read-Along Story with Scaffolding  
    • Read-Along Sentence  
    • Read-Along Information  
    • Read and Choose a Word  
    • Read and Choose a Sentence  
    • Read a Short Informational Passage  
    • Read a Literary Passage  
    • Read an Informational Passage  
    • Read a Student Essay  


    • Label a Picture—Word with Scaffolding  
    • Write a Story Together with Scaffolding  
    • Write an Informational Text Together  
    • Write and Support an Opinion  
    • Label a Picture—Sentence  
    • Read and Respond to a Message (Integrated Skills: Writing with Reading) 
    • Write about an Experience  
    • Write about Academic Information (Integrated Skills: Writing with Reading)  
    • Justify an Opinion  
    • Summarize a Presentation (Integrated Skills: Writing with Listening)