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    Course Description

    8th grade Social Studies is a critical study of the important events, issues, and people in U.S History from the American Revolution until approximately 1900.  The primary focus of this year will be the American Revolution, the U.S Constitution, and the formation of the government, the impact of Westward expansion, Civil Rights movements, Civil War causes and effects.

    The units will examine the causes and effects of different perspectives in American history.  The perspectives that we will be examining are as follows,

    • Political
    • Economic
    • Geographical
    • Social

    Each unit will focus on one or several of the perspectives in the growth of the United States.  We will analyze in each unit how the different perspectives affected people in different ways. 


    The goal of the course is for each student to be able to:

    • Use technology as a research tool
    • Cite specific textual evidence to support analysis of primary and secondary sources.
    • Discuss issues from different viewpoints in an academic, objective, and respectful manner.
    • Understand, analyze, and interpret historical events and place them in the proper context.
    • Demonstrate the knowledge of cause and effect relationship of historical events and the impact on the nation.
    • Determine definitions and vocabulary words as they are used in a text, especially history specific words.
    • Interpret and comprehend visual information ( maps, charts, photographs, videos, etc)
    • Students should be able to read and comprehend a history/social studies textbook and/or documents independently and proficiently.




    1. Introduction to U.S History
      1. Geography Unit
      2. Original 13 Colonies
    2. The American Revolution
      1. American Revolution Causes and Effects
      2. Declaration of Independence
    3. US Constitution
      1. Five Parts of the Constitution
      2. Three Branches of Government
      3. Amendments
      4. Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens
    4. The New Republic
      1. Washington Leading the Nation
      2. The Development of our Democracy
      3. The Jefferson Era
      4. The Age of Jackson
    5. Westward Expansion
      1. Manifest Destiny
      2. War with Mexico
      3. Westward Trails
    6. American Reform Movements
      1. Women’s Rights
      2. Abolition
      3. Immigrant Movement German and Irish
    7. Civil War Causes
      1. Compare and Contrast the North and the South
      2. Industrial and Transportation Revolution
      3. Underground Railroad
    8. Civil War
      1. Causes and Effects of the Civil War
      2. Gettysburg Address and the Emancipation Proclamation
      3. Reconstruction
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