Q: How do I donate computer related technology?

    A: Fill out the online donation Form.


    Q: Can I donate non-technology items using this system?

    A: No. Not at this time.


    Q: What are the minimum requirements for Computers and Printers taken by the district?

    A: Here are the Requirements for Computers. For all technology, please fill out the online form.


    Q: What is E-Waste and do you take E-Waste?

    A: E-Waste is technology that doesn't meet our minimum specifications - We don't generally take E-Waste but we will take good working computers and equipment. To find out fill out the online donation Form. 


    Q: What happens if the form says "No" to my donation?

    A: Sorry, but we can not accept your donation at this time. If you feel that your donation should be accepted for another reason and if you would like give us more information about your donations, please email donations@lusd.org.


    Q: What happens next?

    A: After you fill out the donation Form and you are approved, someone will contact you if we are interested in your donation.