Mrs. Carbaugh - English 7, 7H, and Adv. ELD  Policies, Standards, and Behavior Expectations




    You will be graded on Classwork, Tests, & Homework.

    Everything is worth points. 

    Late work

    Late work loses points

    Get your work in on time!


    Cheating and plagiarism are unacceptable. Students cheating or plagiarizing will receive a zero on the assignment and possible disciplinary consequences



    Reading - 4x/week

    Vocabulary - 1 packet/2 weeks 


    Makeup work


    Extra time is given to make up work you miss while absent.


    1 day absent = 1 day to complete makeup work, including homework

    Always check with Mrs. Carbaugh when you have been absent.


    BEST Behavior:

    Be on time, ready to learn, with all of your supplies every day. Be kind and respectful.

    Enter quietly and stay quietly focused on your assignment.

    Eat outside.

    Stay in your assigned seat. Raise your hand and wait if you have a question.

    The teacher dismisses the class, not the bell, so do not pack up early.

    7th Grade Standards



    Find the central idea


    Create summary of information


    Use text evidence to support text analysis


    Find author’s point of view and purpose


    Analyze theme, characters, setting, plot


    Read at grade level


    Listening and Speaking:


    Participate in partner, group, and whole class discussion.

    Use formal English during discussion.

    7th Grade Standards



    Use text evidence in written work.


    Create clear, organized writing.


    Write often.


    Use technology to produce quality written work


    Genres: Argument, Information, Narrative, Summary, Response to Literature, Quickwrite

    7th Grade Standards



    Use proper grammar


    Figure out unknown words and phrases using context, root words/prefixes/suffixes, or a dictionary


    Use accurate academic and topic vocabulary


    Teacher Contact Information -


    Email:  carbaugh.elizabeth@lusd.org


    School voicemail: 742-2587

Last Modified on September 6, 2019