Course Syllabus   - Ms. Washburn

    8th-Grade English  - Room 9 - washburn.kristen@lusd.org

    Welcome to 8th-grade English! We will have a very busy year developing our reading and writing skills together. Students who come prepared each day with a positive attitude and a willingness to participate will be sure to find success in this course.


    8th-Grade English Habits and Goals:

    • Read, analyze, evaluate, and write in the three main genres: Informational, Argumentative, and Narrative  
    • Use evidence from the text to back all claims/ to answer all questions
    • Annotating new texts for understanding, applying new literacy skills to those texts to analyze and create meaning
    • Improve our grammar and vocabularies
    • READ and WRITE as often as possible


    Materials Strongly Encouraged:

    • Pens/Pencils
    • Highlighters
    • Notebook (1 notebook will be provided for all notes/warm-ups. Student is responsible for replacing that notebook if it gets lost)



    Our curriculum is called StudySync. It is a hybrid online/workbook program with a multitude of enriching and challenging texts designed to help improve your child’s reading and writing abilities.


    Independent Reading:

    In addition to StudySync and class novels, students will also work on developing their own identities as readers by reading independent books. We will check out books from the school library, but students may bring a book from home. All students are encouraged to have a Lompoc library card.  


    Students should have their independent books with them EVERY DAY.


    This portion to be filled out on back, detached, and returned to Ms. Washburn by Wednesday, Aug 22.

    Homework Policy:

    • Written homework is infrequent but usually involves answering workbook questions on texts we read or annotating a text.
    • Reading homework is consistent. Students should read for 15 minutes a day every day.
      • Fun fact: Science shows that students who read at least 15 minutes a day at home score in the 95th percentile on standardized tests!
    • Students must write their homework in their planner everyday
    • By Friday each week, you must sign your child’s planner
      • This signature verifies that you are aware of whether they had and completed homework and that they completed their 15 minutes of reading each night.


    Latework Policy:

    • Late work is only accepted during the six-week grading period in which it was assigned.
    • Work turned in within 3 days of its due date will be accepted as if on-time
    • Work turned in after the 3-day grace period will only receive up to 70% credit



    We are 1:1, which means that there is a set of Chromebooks in the classroom. We will regularly use them for Google Classroom and StudySync. Parents can log into Google Classroom using the student’s login to see what the child is working on. I encourage parents to look through the Google Classroom to see what students are learning, reading, and writing.


    On rare occasions, students may need extra time to finish online assignments. I am happy to stay after school any day to provide extra time for finishing work. We also have After-School Homework Help on Mondays and Thursdays in the school library.

    Please cut along the line and return the below portion with your student. Doing so implies you have carefully read the course syllabus and you agree to hold your child accountable for reading independently at home and abiding all other class policies.



    Student’s Name: _____________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Name (Primary Contact): _______________________________

    Parent/Guardian Email: ________________________________

    Parent/Guardian Phone: _______________________________


    • Please CIRCLE which form of communication you prefer:   email phone


    Lastly, I occasionally take pictures of the students working in group settings to showcase their work. I do not publish photographs anywhere except for within LUSD or fundraiser pages to fundraise for classroom supplies. Please circle if you are okay or not okay with your child appearing in these photographs.


    I    AM OKAY /   AM NOT OKAY   with pictures being taken of my child for education purposes.

Last Modified on December 20, 2018