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    Allan Hancock's College Now Program allows high school students to enroll in college courses alongside their high school course load. Students may be required to pay $20-30 in fees, but tuition for these courses is waived. This program can be a great option for motivated students who would like to get a head start on earning college credits.


    Steps for Enrollment:

    1. Meet with your counselor to discuss if you are eligible to participate in this program. We will supply you with:
      1. The list of courses that are offered through this program
      2. A petition for enrollment form
      3. An appeal form (if necessary)
      4. A copy of your unofficial transcript

    2. Apply to attend the desired semester at Allan Hancock through CCCapply.
      • Click here to apply
        • If you have not participated in any other college now or concurrent enrollment courses (HIST 107, 108) then you must create a CCCapply account.
        • If you have participated in college now or a concurrent enrollment course, log in to your CCCapply account using your username and password (If you forgot your login information, click "forgot username" and either answer the security questions or reset via email)
      • You will need to reapply for each semester you would like to take courses at Allan Hancock

    3. Within a few days, you should receive an email from Allan Hancock College that includes your myHancock username and H-number (needed on the petition for enrollment form).

    4. Ensure you have all of the signatures and necessary forms (petition for enrollent and unofficial transcript) then take them to Allan Hancock's admissions and records office at either the Lompoc Valley Center Campus (Building 1) or the Santa Maria Campus.

    5. Log into your myHancock portal and register for the course(s) you had requested on your paperwork.
      • Your user name will be in the format firstname.lastname (i.e. sally.smith). A number will be added to the end of the last name if it is not unique (i.e. sally.smith1)
      • How to Register Video Walkthrough

    6. Pay for any fees and check required textbooks list by clicking on "Schedule and Fees" on your myHancock



    Come to the counseling office if you have additional questions or would like further assistance.