•  Lompoc High School 
    Instrumental Music Department
    Marching Braves and Dance Line 
    2019 - 2020 School Year
     Welcome (or welcome back!) to the Lompoc High School Marching Braves!  Being a Marching Braves is an enjoyable and rewarding experience. It is a great activity that builds teamwork, leadership, stamina, friendship and musicianship.
    For incoming freshmen Braves, you will start the school year with a group of friends that can show you around the school, sit with you at lunch, and help you with work for your teachers. It is an ADVANTAGE to start your high school career by being a member of  the marching braves. Have no fear – we will take great care of you and work with your abilities. ANYONE can participate.  You do not have to be a returning band member to join marching band. You can learn a new instrument, play a drum, play pit percussion, use all sorts of electronics, and finally learn how to march and get you physically in shape and shed those summer blahs.
    Colorguard (Danceline) are also a part of the Marching Braves.  They are performers who use choreographed dance, flag, or weapon work to contribute a stunning visual effect to the marching band. They are vital to the production, and greatly enhance the overall performance of the ensemble.  I would like to welcome all the students to came out to our Danceline Tryouts this past May and were selected to be a part of our Danceline and competition squad, Welcome to the Marching Braves Family and I look forward to getting to know you all during Band Boot Camp! 
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    The LHS Marching Braves and Danceline strives to maintains a performance standard of excellence while providing each individual with an opportunity for growth. The main goal is to continuously progress throughout the year, both as individuals and as a group. While competition is important, the most important aspect is growth – the ability to improve upon each performance as the year goes on. Like a sports team, the Marching Band and Danceline program requires students who are dedicated, determined, and optimistic.  They are members who are dedicated to the performance of good music/dance to the maximum of their abilities. They are dedicated to their fellow members, to Lompoc Senior High School, and to their community. They are determined and choose to work hard, carefully, diligently, and to make their Lompoc family proud of all they have accomplished.  They are determined to persevere when things get rough (and they will), and optimistic that through hard work and practice, they can achieve any goal that is set before them.
    Looking forward to another great season! 
    Please Note: New this year is an Important Information Page.  The link for this page is found in the left column of your browser.  Visit this page for all school-to-home communication from Mrs. Anderson, and download your information today!!
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