• Math 7 Honors Syllabus

    Lompoc Valley Middle School

    Instructor Information

    Instructor: Mrs. Cuellar

    Room: 63


    Course Description

    The purpose of Math 7 Honors is to cover the concepts of scale drawings, rigid transformations, dilations, proportional relationships, slope, linear relationships, percentages, rational number arithmetic, expressions, equations, inequalities, angles, triangles, prisms, exponents, probability, and sampling.



    • Current text (supplied by LVMS)
    • Pencil with eraser
    • Binder with 7 tab dividers

                It is suggested that students bring lined paper daily



    Final grades are given based on the following:

    Classwork - 15%

    Homework - 15%

    Quizzes - 30%

    Tests - 40%


    Class Percentage Earned

    Grade Given on Report Card









    59% or below



    Academic Dishonesty

    Academic dishonesty will not be tolerated for any reason.  Any student who is involved in cheating, copying, or any other form of academic dishonesty (including plagiarism) will be given a grade of “zero” on the assignment and further disciplinary action will be taken.


    Behavioral Expectations

    The rules in this class are as follows:

    • Be kind
    • Be safe
    • Be respectful of...
      • Yourself
      • Others
      • Property


    Classroom Consequences

    The following consequences will take place if a student does not meet any of the above behavioral expectations.

    1. Verbal warning
    2. Refocus and/or seat change
    3. Minor Incident Report + Parent Contact (Detention)
    4. Office Referral + Parent Contact


    Conferences and Teacher Contact Information

    Feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.

    Email (preferred): cuellar.lesley@lusd.org

    Phone: 805-742-3986





    Sign that you have read and understood this syllabus.  Detach this portion and return to Mrs. Cuellar - this is your first homework grade!



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