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    • Main: 805-742-3244


    • Main: 805-742-3200 

    Certificated HR (Teaching)

    • Substitute Employee Management System (FRONTLINE)

    • Automated Line: 800-942-3767

    • Substitute Employee Management System Help Desk: 805-742-3323

    • Certificated Credentials Analyst: 805-742-3210

    • District Receptionist: 805-742-3323

    Classified HR (Non Teaching)

    • Director, Classified Human Resources: 805-742-3220

    • Human Resources Technician: 805-742-3209

    Central Receiving / Stores / Warehouse

    • Main: 805-742-3184

    Child Nutrition Services

    • Main: 805-742-3353

    Curriculum and Instruction

    • MAIN: (805) 742-3230 

    • SPECIAL PROJECTS: (805) 742-3240

    • LANGUAGE CENSUS: (805) 742-3226

    • FAX: (805) 736-4985

    Fiscal Services (Director)

    • Fiscal Services (Director) : (805) 742-3190

    Fiscal Services (Accounting)

    • Budget Analyst:(805) 742-3194

    • Accounting Technician: Payables A - D, Billing : (805) 742-3193

    • Accounting Technician: Payables S - Z, Utilities: (805) 742-3196 

    • Accounting Technician: Payables E - R, Deposits: (805) 742-3195

    Fiscal Services (Payroll)

    • Manager :(805) 742-3270

    • Payroll/Benefits Technician -Benefits (Classified and Certificated): (805) 742-3249

    • Payroll Technician - (805) 742-3246

    • Payroll Technician- Classified Payroll: (805) 742-3251

    Information Technology

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    Who to Contact?

    In Your School District

    For routine, easy to find information, the first step is to consult the District’s webpage. We provide lots of information on the school and district websites so that it can be accessed at your convenience.

    You are welcome to call the main district phone number (805-736-2371). In order to effectively utilize our limited staff, you may be directed to voicemail. We will do our best to reply quickly via telephone or email.

    Talk to the District Receptionist about: • phone numbers or extensions for departments, staff members, and schools 

    Contact the Superintendent’s Office about: • unresolved problems • District policies • school board meeting dates and agendas and minutes of those meetings • how to contact school board members • how to run for school board • general issues and concerns • communications

    Contact Educational Services and Curriculum & Innovation about:  • textbook selections • student test results • academic standards • standardized testing • choice and special school programs • English Language Learner programs • specialized educational programs offered by and through the District,• student evaluation and placement process • explanation of test scores • view curriculum and materials

    Contact Special Education about: Special Education and placement

    Contact Pupil Support Services about: • immunization requirements • inter- and intra-district transfers • background checks  • health services  registering a student for school • student attendance concerns • residency • school boundaries

    Contact Business Services about: • how much money the District receives • how the money is spent • parcel tax • Measure and bonds • construction • payroll • employee benefits • senior citizen parcel tax exemptions 

    Contact Child Nutrition abou l • Breakfast or Lunch for Child • School Menus  • Nutrient Analysis Reports  • Meal Service During Remote Learning  •Child Nutrition Payments Made Easy with My School Bucks  • Online Meal Applications

    Contact Maintenance, Operations and Transportation about: • bus schedules and bus passes • community use of school facilities

    Contact your Board Members about: • oversight of facilities • ratification of collective bargaining agreements • community topics and intra-governmental relations • setting long-term goals and vision of the District • policies which govern the school district (such as what curricula schools use, which schools students attend, etc.)

    At Your Child’s School

    Feel free to contact your child’s school. Teachers, office staff, and the principal all want you to have the information you need to help your child succeed in school.

    Talk to your child’s teacher about: • your child’s special needs, progress and behavior • homework • promotion requirements • what is being taught in class • helping in the classroom • test results and report cards • best time for you to be contacted • how you can support learning at home

    Talk to the school secretary about: • school calendar • on- site day care • after-school programs • lost and found • school lunches • absences • general questions about who to talk to and how to contact them

    Talk to the principal or assistant principal about: • what is being taught and what materials are used • student discipline and school rules • the school dress code • special programs to help your child learn • the school’s safety plan • ways you can help and support the school • serving on the School Site Council or advisory committees • anything you can’t find answers for elsewhere.

    Talk to PTA or parent group leaders about: • activities for parents and students • volunteering at your child’s school • committees on which you might like to serve • meeting times • parenting education