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About School Board

Contact Information for Board Members:

William "Franky" Caldeira, Board President
Email: caldeira.william@lusd.org
Phone: (805) 742-3320

Tom Blanco, Board Vice President
Email: blanco.tom@lusd.org
Phone: (805) 742-3320

Janet Blevins, Clerk
Email: blevins.janet@lompocschools.org
Phone: (805) 717-4160

Sarah Anne Read, Board Member
Email: read.sarahanne@lusd.org
Phone: (805) 757-4924

Jerri Thiel, Board Member
Email: thiel.jerri@lusd.org
Phone: (805) 291-2520

About the Board of Education:

The Board of Education consists of five elected District residents responsible for establishing policies and adopting the budget for the District. Board members serve four-year terms with staggered elections held every two years. During the organizational meeting in December, the Board elects its president, vice-president, and clerk for the year.

The Board delegates authority to the Superintendent, subject to approval, for all educational, personnel, and business matters in accordance with the policies established by the Board and in compliance with state and federal laws, rules, and regulations.

When and Where are Meetings Held?

Board meetings are typically held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month, except in July, August, November, and December. These meetings take place at 5:30 PM in the Education Center Board Room. They are public business meetings, although closed sessions are occasionally held as permitted by state law. Closed sessions are intended for discussing matters related to negotiations, personnel, litigation, and other topics specified in Board policy.

During the meeting, members of the audience have the opportunity to address non-agenda items during the "Courtesy to Visitors" section of the agenda. For agenda items, individuals can speak when the specific item is being discussed, provided they have submitted a "Request to Address the Board" form to the executive assistant. If anyone wishes to include an item on the meeting's agenda, they can contact the Superintendent's executive assistant. The agenda is posted 72 hours prior to each regular meeting and can be reviewed on the website or obtained from the Superintendent's office on Friday afternoon before the Tuesday meeting.

All decisions made by the Board must take place in official Board meetings that adhere to the by-laws and statutes of the state. Policies are generally adopted after being deliberated in two Board meetings, unless there is an emergency situation. Policy matters are clearly indicated in the agenda and minutes. It is important to note that the members of the Board hold authority only when they are legally in session as a Board.


District Mission and Board Goals:

Mission Statement

The mission of the Board of Education is to foster district-wide actions that empower students to cultivate the skills, knowledge, and character traits essential for their growth as responsible, successful, and engaged members of society.



   - Objective: Maximize academic achievement for all students and offer instructional programs and educational opportunities that enable students to meet or exceed district standards.

   - Objective: Foster positive and effective communication among the community, District, students, staff, and stakeholders.

   - Objective: Enhance the capacity of all staff members to meet the academic needs of students through continuous professional development and collaboration.

   - Objective: Create a safe and respectful learning environment where every student, parent/guardian, and staff member feels valued.

   - Objective: Demonstrate a dedication to excellence in education and a strong awareness of Board responsibilities.
   - Key Actions:
     a. Engage in annual professional learning.
     b. Regularly review and develop relevant policies.
     c. Monitor student and system performance.

   - Objective: Update and improve district-wide infrastructure.


Lompoc Unified School District Governance Handbook

On October 28, 2014 the Lompoc Unified School District Board of Education and Superintendent adopted the attached Governance Handbook.