Teach • Learn • Succeed

Superintendent's Message

The Lompoc Unified School District is dedicated to the success of all students. To accomplish this it is understood the entire staff contributes toward that outcome.
Teachers develop individual learning plans. They put in countless hours on curriculum commitees but most importantly they respect their students.
Administrators see their role as one of support. Principals are instructional leaders --this is all inclusive-- they support the classroom teacher by keeping the business side running smoothly. They ensure that supplies are on hand and that maintenance needs are identified. They find ways to bring technology into classrooms.
Classified personnel work in classrooms as assistants, on grounds, driving and maintaining buses and other vehicles, and providing breakfast and lunch. They keep our facilities looking great, even though all schools are 25 or more years old. They are the school secretaries, clerks, and attendance people. Without them the classroom education would come to a grinding halt.
Tying all this together is the district's strategic plan. The plan guides our activities, provides goals, and even details how we measure success.
Of course student success and a working strategic plan is not possible without the continued support of the parents and community. We have always known that through cooperation we can accomplish anything. Volunteering increases at our schools. In Lompoc we have proof that planning and community involvement work. Our new Central Kitchen was built without taxpayer dollars. Our language arts and math curriculum with parental help are now based on teacher-researched standards. There are clearly stated benchmarks and tests which align.
For those students needing extra attention, intervention strategies are in place. Rather than see students struggle and possibly not succeed, we are looking at after school and Saturday school programs as well as summer school. If all students are to succeed then we must do everything possible to foster that success.
Success cannot be some warm fuzzy statement. It must be measurable. We are accountable to the community and we will become more accountable. Students, parents, and the community have a right to know what are the expectations and what the district is doing to ensure expectations are met.
This website is part of that accountability package. Here you can find much about the district and how well we are performing. Enjoy the website, but don't forget to visit a classroom. You will be amazed at the learning. You will witness success.