• Who is the PTA?

    We are a non‐profit organization made up of parent, teachers and administrators.  We are a volunteer network who donate their time and abilities to the success of the PTA.  We welcome all of you to join us by sharing your talents and volunteering.  

    Where does my money go?

    All of your money goes back to the students of Buena Vista.*  We provide funding and planning for various activities, engaging assemblies, classroom grant funds, computer labs, clubs and give‐back programs throughout the school year.  We also supply student planners, field trip contributions, computers, technology, fine arts enrichment.

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    • NEW webstore: you can use credit card or Paypal and become a member, buy spirit wear, and make online donation payments.  Please support our school by making a donation today.  All donations are tax-deductible.  We have a web store available for your convenience.  Just click below:                                               https://BuenaVistaPTAWebStore.myschoolcentral.com



    PTA President
    Pua Britt
    Vice President Membership
    Meredith Jimenez
    Vice President Fundraising
    Elba Burrell
    Vice President Programs
    Jennifer Twine
    Christina Haggerty 
    Amy Borges
    Lindsay Schroeder
    Pua Britt
     * (a small portion of membership dues goes to CA State and National PTA to provide leadership training, support materials, awards and scholarships.)