• Overview of Maple High School Program and Operations

    Maple High School operates in sessions. There are 6, six week sessions during the school year. 

    Students who attend Maple High School earn incremental credit based on quality of work at his or her level while maintaining  90% attendance and attaining the social emotional learning standards necessary to be a contributing member of society upon graduation. 
    Teachers at Maple High School use direct instruction, self-paced instruction and are incorporating technology into the classrooms in a multitude of ways, ensuring our students will be competitive candidates while working to achieve careers, scholarships and jobs.  
    Maple High School offers students an opportunity to work in small classroom communities where they can enhance their skills in reading and math or become a trained mediator, participate in Leadership, take a philosophy class or learn how to play chess with the best. These classroom communities contribute to Maple's family atmosphere, where students and staff are celebrated often.  
    Each student at Maple High School is required to take ownership of his/her own learning and we are here to support them in their educational and life goals. Students have their ILP ( Individual Learning Plan) printed on the back of their check sheet which they are responsible for each day. Students pick up their check sheets in homeroom each morning, and they return it to homeroom at the end of the day.  Students learn to be responsible, be on time and they see daily exactly what they need to graduate from high school. 

    Students may photocopy their check sheets on Friday to share their progress with their families. We encourage families to participate in their student's educational planning and provide many opportunities throughout the year for families to come to our Maple Events. 

    Teachers maintain and record credit using Zangle at the end of each session and report cards are sent home.

    Maple High School is a closed campus. Students may NOT leave for lunch and visitors may NOT be on campus without prior approval from the site administrator. 

     Homeroom is a class and we do expect students to be there on time. School starts promptly at 8:40.
    Graduation from Maple is a privilege and the Maple High School staff is here to help you succeed! 


        Students that meet all graduation requirements receive a regular high school diploma and may walk in June.