• School safety is a topic that our schools address on a dailybasis.  Safety issues can begin as low level incidents such as name calling, but can escalate to bullying, cyber-bullying, or other act of school violence.  In some cases there are no warning signs of the impending violence; these incidents of violence are all too tragic.  The district is required to develop a safe school plans for each school in the Lompoc Unified School District.  This plan is developed each year in conjunction with staff, parents, students, administrators, police and fire departments.  Everyone connected to our schools want to help prevent school violence and schools are safe places for our students.  As tragic as school violence is, it provides us another opportunity to remind students, staff, and parents of their vital role in promoting school safety by following procedures and reporting unusual circumstances or behavior.  It is important to maintain a balance between building security and providing students a healthy, nurturing, normal school environment.  Administrators regularly reinforce the importance of school safety by creating a caring school community in which adults and students respect and trust each other and all students feel connected, understand expectations, and receive the support they need.


    All LUSD Schools Develop Safe School Plan Each Year

    ·        Schools use a California Department of Education Safe School Template to develop their plan.

    ·        Each school reviews school data related to student referrals, suspension, and expulsions to help the school develop its plan.

    ·        School data includes the number and type of infractions.

    ·        School stakeholders develop the school’s safetygoals and action plan.

    ·        Once the goals are developed with input from theschool’s stakeholders including staff, parents, students, administrators, police and fire departments, the plan is submitted to the School Site Councilfor modification and approval.

    ·        After the plan is approved by the School Site Council, the Board of Education reviews and approves each school plan.

    ·        Schools include the following in their school plans:


    §  Emergency Flip Chart guide.  The guide includes proceduresfor emergencies.  A chart is posted in every classroom along with an emergency evacuation route. 

    §  Description of their schoolwide discipline program (Building Effective Schools Together or B.E.S.T.)  This information is provided to all parents and students in the school’s parent/student handbook and well as the Annual Notification to Parents Handbook.

    §  Description of the school’s student discipline plan and a copy of school rules.

    §  The Annual Notification to Parents booklet also includes a Bullying Assessment Flowchart.

    §  Schools conduct regular emergency drills. 

    §  Lompoc Police Department, Santa Barbara County Sherriff’s Department and VAFB provide school secondary schools with armed police support. 

    §  Threat assessment protocol is in place at district schools.


    ·        Proposed Additional Safety Measures

    §  District staff has met with the representatives from Lompoc Police Department to discuss school safety.

    §  Within the next few weeks District staff will meet with military security personnel and SBCEO staff to collaborate about the most current research and strategies for reducing school violence.

    §  Schools will conduct active shooter/lockdown drills and evaluate the drill to improve practices and procedures.  One such example would include procedures for locking doors or conducting drills during recess or passing periods.

    §  Schools will review the monitoring and supervision of student common areas such as hallways, cafeterias, and playgrounds.

    §  Ensure the visibility of school resource officers, local police, and campus supervisors.

    §  Review procedures for monitoring of school visitors (report to main office, sign in, wear badges, report unfamiliar people to school office).

    §  Review emergency plans and procedures (training teachers and other staff in how to respond to students’ questions).

    §  Creating a safe, supportive school climate that provides school-wide behavioral expectations, caring school climate programs, positive interventions and supports.

    §  Encourage students to take responsibility for their part in maintaining safe school environments including student participation in safety planning. Students, better than adults, know the hidden or less trafficked areas of the school that are more likely to be dangerous.

    §  Promote compliance with school rules, reporting potential problems to school administrators, and resisting peer pressure to act irresponsibly.

    §  Anonymous reporting systems (“suggestion” boxes, “tell an adult” campaigns).

    §  Threat assessment and risk-assessment procedures and teams for conducting the assessments.

    No plan can prevent all school violence. The Lompoc Unified School District is entrusted with the safety of society's most precious gift, our children.  As such, we cannot over plan or over prepare.