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    Sonia Esparza
    Exceptional Education
    Hours for help:

    Ms. Esparza was born in Santa Maria, California. She lived in Mexico for 5 years.  Having lived in two different countries allows her to understand and cope with diverse cultures she encounters every day.  She enjoys spending time with her family and dancing! She married on May 30, 2015 and plans to have children soon.


    In August 2012, Ms. Esparza initiated her adventure at Fillmore Elementary School as a full-time Special Education Teacher.  She was hired as a teacher for Severely Handicapped from grades 4-6. Ms. Esparza presently continues her career at this school.  Previously, she worked as a behaviorist for two years.  Prior to her work history, Ms. Esparza pursued a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology and Spanish at the University of California, Santa Barbara. After receiving a B.A., she continued with her education and earned a Teaching Credential in Special Education and a Master’s Degree in Education.      

    Being patient, flexible, active, and caring has allowed Ms. Esparza to be able to gain her students’ trust.  She believes that: “Anything in Life is Possible!”  For that reason, she is always persevering and motivating her students to work hard in order to excel in their education!  

    Ms. Esparza is always pleased to answer any questions or listen to any suggestions.  Please do not hesitate to contact her.