Lompoc Valley Middle School

    Dress Standards


    Lompoc Valley Middle School students are expected to dress appropriately, grooming themselves for school in a way that reflects personal pride.  Attire should adhere to accepted standards of decency.  It should not pose a threat to public or personal safety and should not be disruptive or distracting to classroom activity or other students behavior


    The following should be helpful in making decisions about what is/is not permissible attire for school:


    Pants:  Must fit in the waist (no sagging or under garments showing) and be worn at the waist.  Pants with holes or tears above the knee are not permitted.

    Shorts or Skirts:  Hemlines must reach fingertip length when arms are extended down at sides (items should fit at the waist). 

    Shirts:  Shirts must not show midriff, cleavage, or undergarments. No sheer or see-through tops with prohibited clothing visible underneath. No camisole type tops (spaghetti straps), or tube tops. Male students may not wear sleeveless shirts. Female students may wear blouses with straps that are 2 inches wide. 

    PE:  Students are expected to dress out in PE uniform daily.

    The following are NOT permitted on campus or at school sponsored events:   

    1)    Clothing that advertises or depicts alcohol, drugs, tobacco products, weapons, illegal activities, or that contains profanity, offensive or suggestive material.

    2)    Hats/hoods/sunglasses are not to be worn in classrooms or school buildings.

    3)    Hats are to be worn with the bill facing forward.

    4)    Gang related clothing, including bandanas.

    5)    Pajama bottoms or look-a-like pajama bottoms or slippers.

    6)    Chains or spiked jewelry.

    7)    Glitter of any kind (body, art, etc.).

    8)    Hair should be clean and neatly groomed.  Hair may not be sprayed by any coloring that would drip when wet.  If hair color detracts from the learning environment, a student may be asked to return hair to a normal shade.

    Special Note:  Students who are not dressed appropriately will be asked to change into their PE uniform or the clean loaner clothes in the office.  Defiance of the Dress Code policy will result in the following disciplinary actions:

    1st Violation Warning, Change Clothes

    2nd Violation Noon Restriction

    3rd Violation Two Days Administrative Detention (60 minutes each day)

    4th Violation Saturday School


    *Continued infractions will result in further disciplinary actions, to include possible suspension.


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Last Modified on March 5, 2018