• Sue Pettis
                    Mrs. Sue Pettis is currently serving as the Interim Principal at Cabrillo High School. This also serves as her twenty-ninth year supporting the educational mission for the Lompoc Unified School District, LUSD; you may recognize her from her Math teacher days. She has degrees from California State University, Los Angeles University as well as Chapman University. After teaching Middle School and High School Mathematics in Los Angeles and Lompoc, Mrs.Pettis took on a new educational endeavor to become an Instructional Coach for the district. Her professional experiences include the honor of being a presenter for curriculum and professional development for LUSD as well as international educational groups. This experience lent itself to further educational opportunities as an administrator.
                  Mrs. Pettis strives to encourage staff and students in their quest to become the best people they can be. Mrs. Pettis can be reached at 742-2892 or via email at pettis.susan@lusd.org.