• madden
    Name: Robin Madden   
    Grade / Subject: 2nd Grade
    Mrs. Madden, a 2nd-grade teacher, was born at Vandenberg Air Force Base and grew up in Lompoc. She went to college at LaVerne University and Chapman University. Her family consists of 1 daughter, 2 sons, and 1 husband, currently married for 28 years. Mrs. Madden decided to become a teacher because she wanted to help kids, but also always wanted to be a teacher. She loves to read, and spend time with her family, whether it’s by playing games, watching movies, or watching football games, mostly the Patriots, her favorite football team. Two cool things about her: 1. Her students think she has good style, and 2. She has lots of experience in jobs. She has been a babysitter, waitress, worked in a lumberyard, she worked in Aerospace, in Accounting, Travel Audit, Contracts,  and in Cost Management before becoming a teacher. Mrs. Madden’s favorite color is purple and has a love for spicy Mexican food. Her advice for students: Work hard and persevere. Codi, a current student  in her class, on Mrs. Madden, says “I think she is inspiring and a phenomenal role model.”  Shae, another student in her class, says “I think she is intelligent and nice.”

    By: Michelle Koga

    Date Interviewed: 10/6/16