• cones on each side of Crestview Traffic Flow Plan


                     Now that school is back in session, let this serve as a reminder to parents of returning students and those parents of newly assigned students of the traffic flow plan at Crestview Elementary School.  This traffic flow plan was designed to reduce traffic congestion during peak drop off and pick up times.  The following changes were implemented on 31 Mar 08:


    • During the hours of 7:30A.M. - 8:30A.M.and 1:45P.M. - 3:15P.M., Utah Street will become a one way street.


    • Traffic coming from the Utah Gate during these times will have to proceed on Utah Ave turn left onto Ocean View Blvd and then left onto Utah Street to access the school.


    •  Curbs on the right side of Utah Street (Crestview side) are painted red and NO Parking will be allowed.


    • NO drop offs are allowed on Utah Ave.  If parking is needed, please use Ocean View Blvd.


    These changes ensure the safety of our students, faculty and staff.  This traffic flow plan expedites heavy traffic during these peak periods.  In addition, Security Forces will issue citations if vehicles are parked in NO Parking zones or disrupt the one-way traffic flow.  Thank you for your cooperation.


    Traffic Flow Map with Description