• elaine

    Elaine Webber - Principal



    A faculty member of Lompoc Adult School and Career Center for almost 20 years, I am pleased as principal to support the staff, students, school, district, and community. Please let me know how I can best support you and your needs.

    I believe in great possibilities that exist for our students, and I believe that together we can achieve much.

    Through solid partnerships with our students and our community, students can determine the best plans for training, education, and career options. Learners can build a path that readily achieves their goals and creates the kind of life students would like for themselves and for their families.

    We have big plans to grow our school, and those plans are tied directly to student, district, and community needs. Check back in 2020 to see our progress on bringing medical, technical, and trade programming to Lompoc.

    Welcome to our school. Let me know how I can help.


    Elaine Webber


    Education and Credentials:

    • Bachelor of Journalism - University of Missouri Columbia
    • English Teaching Credential - National University
    • Master's Cross Cultural Teaching - National University
    • Preliminary Administrative Credential - Santa Barbara County Education Office