• The AVID Program is recruiting for next year's AVID elective classes! AVID is an elective class designed to prepare students to meet the requirements for admission to four-year colleges and universities at the end of high school. Students are taught study skills, note taking, time management, organization, reading, writing, collaboration, and research skills, while learning about college and career options for the future. 

    AVID students learn both in the classroom and outside while on field trips to colleges and universities and other cultural locations. The class also includes time for tutorial groups where students get to receive help with material from their other academic classes. AVID recruits students who are motivated to do well and willing to do the hard work necessary to make success a reality; now and in their future even if their current academic record is not perfect. While in the program, students are expected to maintain grades of C or better in all courses and their AVID class helps them do this.

    Applications can be picked up in the Counseling Office, Activities Office, or from Mrs. Piper in E-3.