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     Mrs. Bambach
    Barbara Bambach
    Mrs. Bambach has lived in the Lompoc area since 1994 with her husband. They have raised their three children and now enjoy having grandchildren. She looks forward to coming back to school each year, seeing all her former students, and getting acquainted with all the new students at Los Berros.
    She Began as the librarian at Los Berros in 2016 and has discovered that it's not only the best school in the District, being a librarian is the best job in the District. She loves the fact that she interacts with every student in our school and is proud to say that she knows most of their names as well. She finds it rewarding when she can find a story to read and the children ask for the book after she is done. 
    Besides reading a story, helping students find books they will read and love, there is also a button club in which students can proudly earn and wear a button from a book series by reading at least three of the books. She and another teacher promote the Battle of the Books, which is a great program for students to ready up to thirty pre-selected books. Students get chosen for the team of five and attend the Battle in the spring. She has been attending the Battle with the team and finds working with these students an exceptional experience.
     Be sure to review this years list of books under to "parent" tab; battle of the books.
    Clink on the link below to find out more about the battle of the books!