Reference:  California Ed. Code #35183, LUSD Policy #BP5132: 


    School attire must be conducive to safety, comfort, body coverage, and free from distractions to instructional learning & school activities.


    1. PANTS:
    • Must fit the waist and length (belt suggested.)
    • No belts or chains hanging from the waist or pockets.
    • Pant hems not to extend beyond the heel of the shoe.
    • No torn or ripped pants.


    1. SHOES:
    • All students who come to school must be prepared for PE & running.
    • Tennis shoes are the preferred shoe.
    • Shoes must cover the entire foot - no open toe/back/sides.
    • No skate shoes of any type.
    • No Platform heels, slick soles, boots or sandals.
    • Heels should not exceed one inch on any kind of shoe.                                


    • No more than two (2) inches above the knee.
    • Recommended that girls wearing dresses/skirts wear shorts under their dress/skirt.        
    1. SHIRTS:
    • No bare midriffs, exposed undergarments, spaghetti straps, sheer or halter tops.
    • Shirts must be free from gang, drug, alcohol, tobacco, profanity, sexual and violence related references.   Students wearing clothing that is determined to be disruptive by a staff member will be referred to the principal for appropriateness.
    • No torn or ripped shirts.     
    1. HATS:
    • Hats are not allowed to be worn indoors.
    • Hats must be worn in the proper way.


    1. MAKE-UP/HAIR:
    • No make-up or eye/face glitter may be worn or carried to school.
    • No finger nail polish may be carried to school.
    • Students who have hair styles that are deemed to be disruptive will be referred to the principal for determination.